Christmas photo challenge day eight: Bright

Day Eight: Lights

Day Eight: Bright

So today was supposed to be a picture of ornaments, however I did not take a picture of these because of two reasons. One, was that we don’t have any Christmas ornaments out yet (we don’t decorate our house til quite late in the month), number Two is that Fiona took a picture for you all of some ornaments yesterday, so I thought I had better not give you two of the same. So I took a picture of some bright lights.

And I shall be honest, I thought the challenge on the list for yesterday was lights but when I read it again just now it said bright! Its a good thing that these lights are bright then! These are my across the road neighbour’s lights. They have some every year and there is always a new piece. This year the star is new. Anyway, I hope you like the glittering display.