Christmas Photo Challenge

A few months ago, Fiona and I decided that we should do a photo challenge in the Christmas month, and having discussed it this evening we have come to the conclusion that we will be following two very different photo challenges this time around!

After our 30 Day photo challenge where we each used the same list and took different photographs, this time we’re working off two very different specs. Fiona, who is brimming with ideas, will take photos day by day that inspire her (and its her birthday this month so we know what one photo is going to be! Hehehe). I on the other hand will be working from a pre set list, which I’ve added below.

So there we are, photo challenges all around this month! I shall leave you with my list, so you can check that I’m on course, and we shall all wait to be surprised by what Fiona takes a photo of, I’m sure!

Happy Snapping!